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Sink Drains

To keep sink drains from clogging or garbage disposal:



1.      Don’t pour grease or any oily liquids down the drain. Grease and oils solidify in the drain which causes build-up and makes it harder for water to flow down the drain pipe, causing a back-up.



2.      Don’t place large amounts of shrimp shells, potato peels, noodles or rice in the garbage disposal. Anything stringy, starchy or glutinous can easily wrap around the disposal blade and thereby clog your drain.



3.      It’s a good idea to brush or comb out your hair before taking a shower or bath to prevent loose hair strands to go down the drain. The combination of hair, shampoo and especially conditioner builds-up over time and will clog the drains.



4.      Use sink strainers for the kitchen and bathroom. This will help to keep foods, small objects, and hair from going down the drain.



5.      Use a good drain cleaning solution once a month for all drain sinks in the kitchen and bathrooms. This will help dissolve build-up—from grease and foods to toothpaste, make-up and hair products.

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